D Extended + Servitude!
Perform Chinatown:Chaos Reigns!
July 26th 2014, 4 hour duration, Los Angeles, CA
Documentation by Lyndsay Bloom

Dressed in a pink floral robe, along with the pink cone, red tights, and plaster covered hay-net barrier used during Organic Play Time, I roamed the pedestrian walk ways of Chinatown. While walking I used white chalk to trace the bodies of pedestrians and show goers, along with fixtures and objects, all the while holding the plaster barrier which was crumbling and leaving its trail. I bowed and kneeled politely with the accompaniment of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, which played through a toy microphone.

Towards the end of the performance I began simply outlining the crevasses in the cement, a male musician played pop music next to me, and a small crowd enjoying the music stood to the right. I ended the performance by planting the barrier next to my styrofoam bust of Caligula and used a broom to sweep away the debris left behind by the barrier including plaster bits and hay. I used a bucket of water and a big yellow sponge to wash the chalk off the cement. My right ankle gave out during the last half hour of the performance due to the weight of the barrier combined with act of kneeling and crawling.