A Short Play for Changing Tides
performed three times in a loopPainted FuturesBREATHING EXERCIESES with MINTY and THE STIGMA FOG SAINTSTIGMA FOG Packing Peanuts, in collaboration with Todd MollenbergKuka SketchMelted Rocket Popsicle National Kleenex Structure: Built by the BrideSTRUCTURE BUILDING with Chris Warr Drawing Dolls, Your Favorite Doll!Marker for the Missing
December 18th 2014, 1 hour duration
Valle Vista Rd. 29 Palms, CA
Documentation by Lucas CoffinReading of Auto Body InvoicesBlack Deaths from Hollywood CinemaD Extended + Servitude!Organic Play TimeWalk Over Me, Yes its Didactic!Dolls At Play
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