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Painted Futures
Painted Futures

Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA
Apart of 'Dialects of Isolation', thoughts on Ana Mendieta Curated by Artemisa Clark
2 hour duration, June 23, 2017
Documentation by Matt Savitsky

Within the introductory text for Dialectics of Isolation: An Exhibition of Third World Women Artists of the United States curated by Ana Mendieta, Mendieta discusses the personal will to continue being other. Through Painted Futures this will becomes mystical and sacred, leading towards predicted states of divine otherness that transcend.

Painted Futures foresees one’s forthcoming; reversing the circumstance of our futures being predicted and controlled within realms of normative traumas produced by the patriarch. Here, futures are made by the goddess with her whip employing earth on paper.

These painted futures also recount the means in which Mendieta’s Silueta Series were thought by some to formidably foretell her imminence.

"I’LL PAINT YOUR FUTURE!!!!!!! A fertile foretelling painted with mud and whip. Write your name on paper, and give it to the man with skull. After your fortune has dried, take it home to rest."