Reading of Auto Body Invoices
December 7th 2014, 45 minute duration, Radio Espacio Estacion, broadcasting from Auto Body at Giant Motors 1750 Bay Road Miami Beach, FL
Documentation by Monica McGivern

Agustina Woodgate the host of Radio Espacio Estacion broadcasting from Auto Body invited me to do a reading of invoices, which she found in the auto body garage. For the performance I wore black plastic bags over my body with a small hole stretched out for my head. I also downloaded a loop machine that I used to record my voice. I used vocal improvisation throughout the performance. A variety of dialects, singing, and sounds were combined to interpret the text. I surprisingly found myself using traditional rhythms found in black hymns. The invoices were jammed and stuck into a blue plastic crate, there must have been at least 2000 pages if not more. By the end of the performance I had gone through and thrown all the invoices in the air, the garage floor was covered.