Dunce Performance
Dunce PerformanceDunce PerformanceDunce PerformanceDunce PerformanceDunce Performance Dunce PerformanceDunce Performance Dunce PerformanceSuper HeroSnakeKohalaDoggieBig Nose
Organic Play Time
June 6th 2014, 45 minute duration
Visual Arts Performance Gallery UC San Diego, La Jolla, CA. Documentation by Emily Grenader

I wore a pink construction cone on my head along with a 50lb plaster covered hay-net-barrier around my neck. While moving throughout the space the barrier, the phallus, the snake left its mark on the floor, showing its path, following my steps and placement, a never-ending presence.

I ran and walked around in circles, at times stopping to play a snare drum and to record vocal babbles in the back corner; the beats where recorded and played back through a PA system for the duration of the show. A constant ticking and building.

Chalk was used to trace the moldings, fixtures, and guests onto the gallery walls and floors, turning the space into a record of events. The figures from the painted series Yarn, Line. Fill in the Shapes, Friends with Gifts became witness to my actions and left notes detailing their observations and thoughts.