WORKS > Familiar Spirit

Broad Winged Hawk
pastel on paper
24" x 18"
Cottontail with Pot-Marigolds
pastel on paper
24" x 28"
The Sea is Coming
pastel on paper
18" x 24"
papier-mâché, acrylic, latex paint, spray paint, pvc pipe, chicken wire, cardboard, found clothes, shoes, feathers, fake Mohawk, purse, live peace lily.
27" x 19" x 50"
Child with Pink Hair looking into a black hole
papier-mâché, acrylic, latex paint, canvas, dirt, pvc pipe, chicken wire, found clothes, shoes, plastic whistle necklace, sunglasses, pink wig, brick
19" x 19" x 31"
Figure With Cap and Tiki Torch
papier-mâché, acrylic, latex paint, white, caulking, pvc pipe, chicken wire, found clothes, shoes, tiki torch candle, self flagellation tool
75 x 24 x 32 ½ in.
acrylic and house paint on found fleece blanket,
60 x 40 in.
Woman Shot with Arrow
papier-mâché, acrylic, latex paint, pvc pipe, chicken wire, found clothes, shoes, necklace, plastic party ring, wig, wood
63 ½ x 22 x 55 ½ in.

Familiar Spirit
Best Practice, San Diego, CA
June 15th - July 13th, 2019

In medieval folklore the term familiar spirit was used to describe supernatural entities that could help people through magic, generally these entities took on animal forms.

In the show Familiar Spirit, a candle light vigil took place. Modes of symbolism related to the perils of oppression, revolt and nature were investigated provoking feelings of both doom and transcendence. The endemic crisis of white supremacist patriarchy was an underlying cause.

To counteract the trauma, forms of realism were employed to depict scenes that invoke divination, positioning the Earth as having secrets or forms of mystical healing which we are unaware. The animals depicted watch over a scene inhabited by alarming sculptural figures, ideas of the hunter and hunted can be experienced here along with an imbued aura of the all-knowing.

The figurative sculptures were made in direct response to the issues stated above in combination with my history and research in performance art; examining the performability of the body and its limits. These figures are spirits, traversing reflexive political, social and intimate conditions.