SPF15, Ocean Beach, Ca August 2nd 2015, 3 hour duration
Documentation by Morgan Mandaly

When Morgan Mandaly asked me to participate in his project space SPF15 with the artist Chris Warr it seemed apparent that I needed to make flags in order to mark my territory, so I made a series entitled Sad Blue Two- Faced Faux Colonizing Flags. I made the flags from cardboard and collaged various materials onto them including, fabrics, sea shells, paper, glitter and string. I then spray painted one side of each flag blue, so as visitors came down to the beach location they’d experience for themselves a two-facedness, a sadness.

I also grew crystals from Borax, and with the help of the SPF15 tent I formed the Crystallized Capital Spa Compound, established for people to relax. Included in the compound was a small green pool where people could soak their tired feet while they gazed above at an abundance of crystals, each hanging from white yarn that I painted blue. While people were relaxing I embarked on a performance called Structure Building. This work involved the use of a sand bucket and seaweed, which allowed me to create a path to the nearby rock tunnel. After the path was finished I buried myself next to the tunnel’s opening so only my head was exposed. This gesture paralleled the portrait busts made by Warr, which were displayed on the sand.

Sadly, I was also thinking about the many black lives that were killed that summer, and heads without bodies. I remained buried for 2 hours. During this time people came and talked to me and fed me grapes and drinks; some guest didn’t bother to say hi, but a few young girls joined me in the sand towards the end.