Melted Rocket Popsicle National Kleenex Structure: Built by the Bride
Perform Chinatown, 7 hour duration, August 15 2015, Los Angeles, CA.
Documentation by Briana Rigg

During the annual festival Perform Chinatown, which took place on one of the hottest days of the year in Los Angeles I decided to play with notions of the bride, monuments, Kleenex and the traditional red, white and blue Rocket Popsicles. During the 7-hour duration I moved only on my knees, a symbol of obeyment, struggle and reverence. I began by moving slowly supporting my body on my new red Igloo cooler, I remained frozen in position for short periods of 10 minutes or so. After the first 10 minutes of being in the 100-degree sun I consumed my first Popsicle, sucking it through my veil. I soon noticed that my plan of a continual sucking of popsicles through the veil would not last long, for I did a poor job packing the ice. The Rocket Pops soon turned to slush.

Luckily, I had a box of Kleenex. With these tissues I had intended to make drawings using the Popsicles like pens and leave the drawings as markers of my presence, but due to the melting of the sicles this was no longer an option. When I reached the entrance to Chinatown after 3 hours of roaming on the nearby street I began to build The Melted Rocket Popsicle National Kleenex Structure.

The construction process lasted 4 hours, the repetitive process included laying out one tissue neatly on top of the cooler, opening a Rocket Pop and gently squeezing a small amount of either red, white or blue slush onto the tissue. Next I melded the tissue and the slush together forming a ball. In the end there was a vast array of colorful Kleenex balls, incasing the Rocket Pop slush. The balls were then placed upon the white plastic Popsicle wrappers and Popsicle sticks to form the structure.